Robert Parker

Robert Parker is one of my favourite American musicians. He is always looking for something new. Something special. Something different.

 Robert Parker explores the essence of music and all areas and for a time experimented with his own form of music that he called Individualist or autonomic, as it was designed on a free flowing system where the chord next was decided by the previous chord and evaded natural or the conventional cycle and then it was tied with a melody that made it seem standard music and also with a guitar style he designed in acoustic; but he looked always in his works, to redefine  things and also to bring together eastern and western styles, which he found is a lot how ancient Greek music sounds, somewhat, as you can hear both occidental and oriental influence in it.
So albeit he left that behind to get back to more normal music, you can hear a bit of his style in how he arranges chords often especially at the intro. It’s a style he made that originated from taking the ugliest sounding chords and arranging them in a way they sounded exquisitely lovely and also emphasizing open notes rather than barred chords, so it is melodic yet is not at the same time. That derived from an earlier exploration of chaotic music where he’d hit the piano randomly, sometimes just hitting it with his eyes closed and then editing it slightly, and the idea was, can one make it sound beautiful to the mind? and through that learned a lot how the mind defines beauty, and it applied generally he found, as its about order, and simple rules, that if respected, a fundamental beauty appears, as the mind is made to notice error breaks from continuity, so, in a way, its like ecosystems or organisms.
He did the same in landscaping, the rule was, you apply a few simple rules and apply them generally, and people will be attracted to the place. They can be only a few and simple, like the height of this or the angles are the same to more complex, and as long as those urles are even, the mind is attracted, and you could say in a way its a matter of flow of energy.

We can listen to his music in Panamericana: Taos Pueblo, Panamericana: El misterio de Roswell, Nuevo México and in Astronauta.


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